Primal Snack Box

Paleo Snack Box

It can be hard to find paleo foods in the supermarkets; but now things just got a whole lot better with the Primal Snack Box! Just as the name suggests, this is an amazing food subscription box that is suitable for anyone that follows the paleo or primal diet. Every month you can enjoy receiving bespoke hand-crafted boxes that are full of delicious paleo snacks you can dig into!

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This is the first monthly paleo snack box to launch in the UK and it is proving very popular with the public. All of the snacks are free from grains, gluten, soy, refined sugars and diary, as well as being tasty and delicious. Who doesn’t love food that is nutritious, clean and scrumptious? Each month you will have a bunch of great brands that are sent to your front door. The Primal Snack Box is always full of the newest and most exciting paleo snacks there are and it changes every single month. There is no better way to discover 100 percent paleo friendly foods than with the Primal Snack Box. It is exciting and fun to wait for your delivery and you have great tasting food to take with you on the go each month. What’s more, there are boxes that are suitable for vegetarians and vegans to enjoy. nobody is left out with the Primal Snack Box! So, if you are looking to try new and tasty paleo snacks, but don’t want to hassle of trying to find them yourself, check out the Primal Snack Box! This is a cost-effective subscription box with a variety of options you can choose today.  

What Can You Expect in your Primal Snack Box?

The Primal Snack Box is always a pleasant surprise! While you get to choose your box that you want, the team will hand pick your delicious snacks every month to make sure you receive a bunch of items that you will love. There is always something new to try. There are several subscription boxes you can choose from; this includes, The Savannah, The Forest, Barrecore Box, The Savannah Explorer and the Forest Explorer. In each monthly box, you will receive seven to ten paleo friendly snacks and food items that you can try. This will include treats, such as energy bars, raw snacks, nuts and seeds, dried fruit and chocolate bars. Of course, you don’t have to worry; all of the items do not contain any grains, soy, dairy, gluten or refined sugars. In addition, the Forest Box is meat-free and will be a great choice for vegetarians and vegans.  

Who is the Primal Snack Box for?

The great thing about the Primal Snack Box is that everyone can enjoy it. While it is a well-known snack box subscription for those that follow the paleo diet, it can also be enjoyed by anyone who is health conscious and wants to try new nutritious snacks. There are no rules! Men and women both love the Primal Snack Box, as well as it being a popular snack box subscription for people of all ages. In addition, since the snacks are free from grain, gluten, soy and dairy, you can make sure that your box suits your dietary needs. There are also vegetarian and vegan boxes available too so that everyone can join in the fun.  

How Will the Primal Snack Box be Sent to you?

You will receive all of your tasty goodies in a cardboard box that will be delivered straight to your front door. Everything is well packaged so there are no accidents in the post. The Primal Snack Box is normally dispatched during the first week of the month, which means you can have something to look forward to and it will be with you so you can have a great start. If you are out and miss the delivery man for whatever reason, you can leave instructions of somewhere safe to leave your box so you don’t miss out. This can be done on the website and you don’t have to worry about what happens to your Primal Snack Box; it will be there waiting for you when you get back!  

Can I Cancel my Primal Snack Box Subscription?

The process of cancelling your Primal Snack Box subscription is simple and can be done at any time through their website. There is no contract holding you down and you are free to cancel at any time if you decide it is not for you. In addition, you can also suspend your account if you are going on holiday or simply want to take a break from receiving your Primal Snack Boxes for a little while. You can also change the box that you receive and try a new one. The choice is completely yours!

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