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Monthly Beauty Surprises

If you like discovering new beauty products that are on the market, then check out the Glossybox monthly subscription! Every month you can enjoy beauty treats delivered straight to your front door from some of the best brands, as well as brand new and innovative products. With over one million people already enjoying Glossybox, you can be the next one to enjoy the most trusted beauty box subscription in the UK!


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After a long week, you can come home to your very own Glossybox right at your front door. Inside your pink box you will find new products that you will be excited to try; some of them you will recognise from being on trend right now, as well as new products that no one has had before. It is always exciting to discover what is in your individual Glossybox and there is always something that you will love each more. Who doesn’t love a surprise! What’s more, since it is delivered straight to your front door, it is convenient and easy to enjoy new cosmetics out on the market. What is not to like? It is like Christmas all over again! There is a subscription plan that will suit everyone’s needs and budget. You can choose from receiving a Glossybox every month, as well as three, six and twelve month options. The choice is completely yours. Plus, by choosing to pay for more than one month, you will save money, as well as have more boxes to look forward to. Doesn’t that sound great? Don’t forget that you can change and upgrade your subscription anytime you like from your account. If you love beauty products and want to have new brands delivered to your door every month, check out Glossybox!  

What Can You Expect in Your Glossybox?

When you choose the Glossybox subscription, you can look forward to discovering five new beauty products every month! They will be delivered straight to your front door and will all be ready for you to try as soon as you get them out of the box. The expert team work hard to bring you the best products there are; this includes collaborations with some of the most popular and sought after brands in the world. Every effort is made to made sure your Glossybox is of equal value every month and you can expect the latest trends in your subscription so you can keep up with the things everyone is taking about. There is always a mixture of beauty products, which means you can discover new makeup, cosmetics and skincare products in each box.  

Who is the Glossybox for?

Women all across the UK love Glossybox and all of the brilliant beauty products inside that it has to offer every month. So, why not get in on the action? We think this beauty subscription box is perfect for anyone that loves makeup and beauty products and wants to discover new brands and products that are out on the market right now. Sometimes we get stuck in our old routine; but the Glossybox shakes it up and brings you new items each month to try! It has never been easier to try out new beauty products than with Glossybox. So, why not give it a try today?  

How Will the Glossybox be Sent to You?

Your Glossybox will be sent straight to your doorstep every month. This will give you something to look forward to after a long week with plenty of beauty products you can enjoy using over the coming weeks. All of your amazing beauty products are wrapped up nicely and will be safe and secure for the journey. Of course, customers always love the iconic pink box that it is all send in! Not only is this sturdy for shipping, but it is great to keep and use as storage. Inside will be all of your products ready for you to try out.  

Can I Cancel my Glossybox Subscription?

Yes, you can cancel your Glossybox subscription at any time. But, since the monthly subscription is automatically renewed every money, you have got to actively cancel your subscription by the 14th of the month so that your next box is not dispatched and delivered to you. Of course, if you have chosen a three, month or 12 month subscription, this subscription will run for the period of time that you have selected. It will be after this point and after the delivery of your last box month that you can cancel. This must be completed by the 24th of that month to make sure that your subscription plan does not renew. The great thing about Glossybox is that you can choose a plan that suits your preferences and budget; you are free to switch plans after completion or change from a monthly subscription.  

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