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Japanese Candy Treats

Japanese candies have fun-to-try tastes and concepts that are unlike those from your home country. This service sends you random surprise assortments of Japanese candy, with a new box shipped every two weeks, so you’ll have a constant stream of Japanese treats to try. Candy Japan explain all the candies in an English-language newsletter along each box, so you’ll know what you are eating, how to enjoy it and any cultural significance that the items have.

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Sweets that have sent in the past include ones that make a sound when you blow air through them, wasabi-flavoured chocolates, seaweed-flavoured potato chips, easy do-it-yourself kits that have you assemble your own candy, chocolate with hidden gummies inside that you find by digging through to them, and many other crazy yet tasty concepts. They send out sweets and snacks that have been newly released in Japan, as well as long-time popular sellers. You’ll find both sweets and snacks in the boxes, with chocolates also included during the winter months. Each box is a new different surprise. After you sign up, it’ll be like getting birthday presents every two weeks—you’ll never know what will arrive in your mailbox next. All the sweets are sent directly from Japan to anywhere in the world, and shipping is free. Add a bit of surprise and anticipation to your life, subscribe to Candy Japan.

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