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AromaBox is a monthly subscription service delivering aromatherapy right to your door! Aromatherapy is the use of essential oils to bring balance to mind, body & spirit. Your AromaBox is a simple, convenient way to bring a range of unique fragrances to affect both physical and emotional responses. Whether you are looking to relax & unwind at the end of a hard day, or energise & invigorate ready for anything; AromaBox brings you a range of uplifting Aromatherapy products. Create your own beauty box blends, body lotions, washes, creams, and treatment oils from your mystery box that is carefully selected in line with the current calendar month.

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Aromatherapy has long been used to care for our well-being, using essential oils from aromatic plants; it’s the natural way to enjoy not only the more obvious physical & therapeutic benefits, but the more subtle spiritual & emotional effects. Your AromaBox subscription brings you a different theme each month in line with the seasons enabling you to create at least three different aromatherapy products to match your mood. Choose from one to three months at a time, the choice is yours to bring all the benefits to your well being.

Containing a variety Essential olis, carrier olis, base products, hydrolats and more, you can use the easy to follow instructions and recipe booklet; AromaBox brings you a selection of Aromatherapy goodies to create your very own products at home! Whether you are new to Aromatherapy, or an experienced therapist; AromaBox offers excellent value. What are you waiting for? Bring a simple, essential solution of surprises to your door for both mind and body!


What Can You Expect in Your AromaBox?

Each month, you will receive a mystery range of aromatherapy goodies designed to suit the time of year. Unwrap your AromaBox and you will find everything you need to create a minimum of three aromatherapy products to benefit both body & mind. Along with a range of carrier oils, essential oils, hydrolats & base products; each box has simple instructions, information and a recipe book for you to follow. This leaves you free to enjoy all the known benefits aromatherapy can bring, all in the comfort of your own home.

You can opt from just one month, to three months subscription boxes to enjoy your carefully selected aromatherapy products; along with a booklet explaining each item in your AromaBox. Use them to create your own creams, lotions, treatment oils and washes in next to no time! Fill your home with invigorating smells that lift mind and spirit, or help you drift away, relax & unwind. Whatever your mood, have fun creating your own body lotions and benefit from the world of essential oils.


Who is the AromaBox Subscription for?

Whether you’ve always tried to create your own lotions and potions, or are completely new to the world of aromatherapy, AromaBox brings all the benefits of aromatherapy. If you’re looking to bring the benefits of balance to mind, body and spirit; your monthly subscription box means you have everything you need to experiment, and find your fit in the sensual world of aromatherapy. Perfect for men, women and anyone who values their ‘me’ time, to truly destress, relax and unwind; or to recharge, invigorate and energise. Your AromaBox is the monthly indulgence for your well being you truly deserve!


How Will the AromaBox be Sent to You?

When you subscribe, your AromaBox will be sent through the post with your aromatherapy surprises carefully chosen to match the time of year, and themed in line with the season. Indulge in your own range from body lotions, to treatment oils; as you create them using the easy to follow instructions enclosed with your AromaBox. Look forward to your monthly box of goodies, and discover a new world as you journey through a sensory range of stimulants that can invigorate, or help you drift off to your perfect place.


Can I Cancel my AromaBox Subscription?

There is no contract or commitment, you simply order either one box; or save money by ordering 3 months at a time.

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