LoveSub is a UK based subscription box company dedicated to providing you with all the latest trends and reviews so you can find the perfect box for you or as a gift. We only work with the best companies out there so you can be assured that the boxes you find on our website are from legitimate and quality sellers, and they all ship within the UK which is a great bonus.. after all, you don’t want to be paying high delivery fees on top of your subscription.

Beauty Box Subscriptions

Treat yourself every month with one of our beauty subscription boxes containing all the latest skincare, makeup and hair goodies. choose from some of the best boxes on the market to match your budget, we have a selection of premium cosmetics boxes for those high flyers. Try samples of the newest and high-end products that you wouldn’t normally buy.

Adult Box Subscriptions

Spice up your love life with an adult subscription box aimed at keeping the fun alive in your relationship! We all know it’s hard for couples to find time around our hectic lives for sex and intimacy, so why not sign up and have a dedicated ‘date night’ for you and your boo to have some fun!

Alcohol Subscriptions

Well, this would be our first choice gift as I’m sure most of you also ;). We have a large selection of alcohol subscriptions such as trendy VodkaGin deliveries, fine Wines, Ale, Cider and Beer subscriptions, or cocktail making kits! These make great gifts or are perfect if you like to try something a little different but tend to buy the same brands time and time again out of habit. Take a look at our range of creative boxes on repeat. Don’t forget about our Whiskey subscriptions for a posh tipple!

Art, Craft & Creative!

These are some of the most popular product on the market. Creative people are always looking for something different and a new activity to get their teeth into. At Love Sub we have a large amount of Art and Craft based subscription boxes, aswell as creative learning boxes for kids and teens too. Sewing subscription boxes are some of the best sellers with new projects every month.

Cooking & Baking Subscription Boxes

Since the great British bake off, it’s fair to say we have been an uprise in people trying their hand at a bit of baking. There are different baking subscription boxes available for all abilities, and for beginners, they are great as they provide all the tools and ingredients you need for cake making, pies, pastries and more. They also talk you through step by step how to achieve the perfect bake! If you have less of a sweet tooth and fancy yourself as a bit of a chef, then our cooking subscription boxes may be better for you. You decide how many meals you would like per month, and they send you delicious recipes and all the ingredients you need to impress your other half.

Tea & Coffee Subscriptions

Most Brits rely on a good brew, and spend a fortune on the good stuff! This explains the popularity of Cofee and Tea subscriptions as the everyday brands are no longer satisfying our needs. We like to explore different blends of every favourite beverage from all over the world, so this is a great way to try lots of different varieties. If you really like one too you can often buy from their online store with a hefty discount…result! Many of the coffee subscriptions also come with some nice choccies too, even better!

Subscription boxes for kids!

We are always on the lookout for something to keep our little ones entertained, and since the boom of the subscription box industry, this just become much easier. You can now subscribe to a subscription box for your kids, with a range of gooding and activities to keep them busy on the weekends and school holidays. There are also great educational boxes for children such as science subscriptions where they can learn new skills like how to make a circuit. For the little ones who love a bedtime story, you can also get books delivered to your door, and swap them much like the old libraries used to do, expect it comes as a cute package with their name on and goodies inside, to keep them excited about reading.

Pets like goodies too…

We all know our pets are intelligent, loving and like a pressie just as much as we do, so now you can buy them a pet subscription box filled with the dietary essentials, but also exciting goodies they will love! Whether you have a dog, cat, or little rabbit, there is a subscription box waiting for them to enjoy. We also have a Hamster subscription box if you think they have been a good boy.

Fashion and Clothing…to your door

We all know the shift from physical stores to online shopping is too real, but you can now go one better and have your clothes delivered directly to your doorstep. They will not only send you the latest trends but will actually analyse what you like to wear and make suggestions for you. They know your exact measurements, so the clothes are tailored be the best fit. You can choose from your favourite fashion brands and send back easily what you don’t like, and they will send you some more instead! If you are looking for a gift for your dad or husband (this is always a challenge) then sock subscription box is always a safe bet. Take a look at our clothing subscription boxes and T-shirt subscriptions see how you can get involved! We also have some jewellery subscriptions with unique independent designers sending different special items every month. ladies, if you are tired of running around last minute to find a pair of tights that you don’t even like because you just ripped your last pair, then try a tights subscription box and make sure you always some trendy lingerie in your drawers.

Eat Sleep, Eat Repeat

Food subscription boxes have GOT to be the biggest sellers, I mean, who doesn’t like food right? So firstly, let’s talk about the chocolate subscription boxes. Now, these are my personal favourite… yummy artisan chocolates or sweets appearing through your letterbox to light up your day. When you find the most delicious chocolate you have ever tasted in your life, you can then use a unique discount code to buy a years supply on their websites. Ok, maybe not a year, but definitely a few boxes! There also seems to be a boom in people from the UK ordering Japanese Sweets and snack boxes – with weird and wonderful treats in these boxes, we can see why! We also have a great range for Vegans and Vegetarians. Snack boxes are also really popular options, if you are in the office and find yourself making regular trips to the vending machine, then a healthy snack box could be the answer. There are also tasty meat subscriptions saving you a trip to the butchers.

Geeks & Gamers

With this industry getting bigger and bigger by the week, The UK games market was valued at a record £4.33billion in 2016! With this in mind, it’s no wonder that geek subscription boxes are on the rise too. Not just for kids, these gamer boxes are aimed at adults and you can choose your t shirt size so you can build your clothing collection at the same time as gaming goodies!

Subscription box gifts

It’s often hard to decide what to get someone for a gift, especially someone who you don’t know as well, or seems to have everything! Instead of a bunch of flowers for mother’s day, why not go one step further and be unique with a flower subscription gift. Often they fit through the letterbox and allow the recipient to arrange their own flowers with instructions, much more fun! Often you end up buying the same perfume for your partner every single year, so instead of suggesting a new one and them being severely offended, treat them to a fragrance subscription box, containing a selection of different smells, and they can choose their favourite in the full size. You can also send a subscription box gift based on their hobbies and interests, why not try a gardening subscription box. Health, Fitness and well-being boxes are also a great gift for someone who needs a bit of a boost if they are having a tough time. take a look at lots of ideas for gift subscription boxes at Love Sub UK. Another fantastic gift idea is a shaving club subscription. Men often complain about having to regularly spend money on this, or grow a beard that you hate, so this is one way to encourage them to get rid!